What Is An Investment Portfolio

The term investment portfolio is used to refer to investment collections held by individuals, banks or other financial institutions. The main function of a financial portfolio is to manage two or more types of investments. Financial portfolios offer an overall picture of investors’ finances. Identification of Investment Portfolio An investment portfolio is a collection of …

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What is a 401K

A 401(k) is a way for people to save for retirement. Not only do they provide their own savings, but most companies will match employee rates up to 3% of his/her salary. Someone who worries about retirement, longevity, future finances or anything else pertaining to the future is perfect for investing in a 401(k) plan. …

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What is a Roth IRA

If you are looking into retirement, you might ask yourself what a Roth IRA is. This special type of Individual Retirement Account is an effective and tax-efficient way for individuals to save money for retirement while still receiving a future tax break in the form of tax-free income. To fund a Roth IRA, you must …

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What is a SEP IRA?

If you own a small business, it is still possible to give your employees the retirement benefits that they deserve by giving them an option to enroll in an SEP IRA. The SEP plan, which stands for Simplified Employee Pension, is a form of traditional Individual Retirement Account that gives employees at small companies and …

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