11 Best Stock Research & Analysis Apps, Software, Tools and Sites in 2022

Stock analysis apps let you have tons of local and global stock quotes, news feeds, and trend analyses from all major global exchanges on various assets. 

You get access to real-time price data on stocks, derivatives (F&O), bonds, ETFs, mutual funds and cryptocurrencies on the go. 

Certain apps even help you trade online. Possible only when the app is offered by the broker or the app syncs with your existing investment broker.

Stock Analysis App Helping You Find the Best Stocks 

Stock analysis apps save your time and manual effort by optimizing the analysis process.

In few simple steps, you find the optimal trading pattern or best stocks for investment. 

For a Day Trader 

The stock analysis software –

  • Helps track minute-to-minute price movement
  • Offers visual trade evaluation using charts 
  • Draw likely trends and price levels 

The software can help you react faster if you have a specific trading strategy when compared to doing manual research. 

You can determine patterns and trading opportunities simultaneously as the app incorporates stock & market information in real-time.

For Long-Term Investor

Stock research and analysis apps offer screening and data capabilities needed for fundamental research. 

The app checks stocks for parameters like – long-term revenue growth, profit growth, market share, future prospects, and other factors like P/E multiples, RoCE, and D/E ratio that may make a company a good long-term investment.

Expect any stock analysis app to at least –  

  • track global shares, indices, ETFs, futures, Fx and assets like cryptocurrencies & commodities. 
  • perform technical studies with advanced charts with 1min to 5-year chart periods. The presence of indicators, overlays and drawing tools.
  • help make informed decisions & strategies using multiple watchlists and accompanying tools like stock screeners and real-time alerts
  • capture market movements with real-time news feeds
  • meet your tracking and analysis needs at the minimum cost

Best Stock Analysis App in 2022

#1. Stock Rover – Best Free Fundamental US Stock Analysis Site

Stock Rover - Best Free Fundamental US Stock Analysis Site

Stock Rover is an in-depth data stack of  10,000 stocks listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and Toronto Exchanges. 

Apart from stocks, it has 3,000 ETFs and 40,000 mutual funds composition, pricing and expenses data.

On the free Stock Rover account, you can – 

Use Screeners, real-time research reports and stock comparison features that help you identify stocks worth buying. 

You have access to 10+ years of financial, fundamental and pricing data in table or chart form. 

The Premium Plus subscription offers full access to advanced metrics like Graham Number, Piotroski F-Score and Altman-Z score. 

The Basic plan charge is $7.99 per month whereas the Premium Plus plan charge is $27.99.

Overall 650+ metrics are available on the Stock Rover app.

Key Features – 

  • Integrated portfolio management with rebalancing facility
  • Brokerage integration with a read-only data feed of your portfolio holdings
  • Automatically emailed performance reports
  • Investor warning on underperforming stocks

But the Stock Rover app doesn’t have a smartphone-supported app and the stock data is focused only on the North American & Canadian markets. 

Stock Rover also doesn’t support crypto or forex data

Best For – Fundamental data analysts and long-term investors who want to handle all their investment activities from a single software. 

#2. TradingView App – Best Free Technical Analysis Site & Global Community

TradingView App - Best Free Technical Analysis Site & Global Community

TradingView is a robust technical & financial analysis site for self-directed traders and investors. 

Advanced charts and data feeds of global financial instruments on real-time prices are freely available on the TradingView site. 

30M+ traders from the USA, Europe & Asia learn, follow and share views & unique trading ideas on Trading View App. There are 100,000+ community-built indicators.

Offered by TradingView Inc, the app supports interactive elements along with backtesting in its free version. 

TradingView app comes with the following features –

HTML5 Charts

Traders can view stock/ indices prices from different angles using 10+ varieties of charts. 

The charts types include spread charts, PNF charts, Kagi charts, Renko charts and line break charts. 

You can open 8 charts in different tabs. Additionally, you have access to 50+ drawing tools to aid market/ price trends analysis and identify trading opportunities.

Customized Technical Analysis

TradingView app helps you to do an in-depth market analysis with over 100 in-built studies. 

In fact, the app has built a language called Pine, which traders can use to create their own signals and studies.

Premium monthly plans range from $14.95 to $59.95 per month. You can start with a 30-day free trial option.

Best For – Self-directed traders making heavy use of charts, tools and technical studies.

#3. FinViz – Best Stock Analysis Tool for Beginner Traders

FinViz - Best Stock Analysis Tool for Beginner Traders

Finviz provides 9 chart overlays & 17 indicators on daily charts for basic pattern recognition. You don’t get overwhelmed with too many charting tools and can check the market quickly.

Finviz stock heatmap enables investors to visualize a vast amount of stock market data on a single screen.

Detailed stock information like – current performance, a mini line chart, and the company’s direct competitors are available by hovering the mouse over the stock ticker.

To get individual company data and charts you can double-click on a stock. 

Finviz’s free plan is ad-supported but allows you to configure 50 portfolios, 50 stocks per portfolio, and save 50 screeners. 

Over 10,000 stocks can be screened without registering.  

Shortcomings –

  • Limited cart capabilities
  • Delayed stock quotes in the free version
  • No auto-save screen facility 

The paid version starts from $24.96 per month with ad-free advanced charts, backtesting capabilities and real-time market data.

Best For – Beginner traders who want to grasp overall market conditions and view new highs/lows with advancing/declining stocks. 

#4. Seeking Alpha – Best Community Driven Research and Stock Ideas

Seeking Alpha - Best Community Driven Research and Stock Ideas

More than 7,000 contributors publish 10,000 investing ideas every month on Seeking Alpha. Making it the best stock research app driven by investors, traders, finance journalists, business executives and bloggers. 

Seeking Alpha app gives unlimited access to over a million investing ideas and earnings call transcripts (including audio) on thousands of stocks.

Stock Ideas & analyses are vetted by their in-house editors before being read and discussed by millions of people.

Investors get a 360-degree stock analysis and opinions from all levels covering all possible angles on the stock before investment. 

Premium subscription offers – 

  • 1 million new and old investing ideas 
  • tools like Author, Quant, and Dividend Ratings
  • stock data visualizations
  • track the performance of authors’ previous ideas

Investors have limited access free version, $119 per annum premium and $199.99 per month pro version app.

Best For – Intermediate and advanced investors looking for stock ideas, and strategies, backed by a solid community sharing system.

#5. Trade Ideas – Best Stock Analysis Tool for Professional Day Traders

Trade Ideas - Best Stock Analysis Tool for Professional Day Traders

AI-powered Trade Idea assistant saves your time and manual effort from the painstaking stock analysis. 

The software scans over 1 million simulated trades before market opening to give you real-time trade recommendations. 

AI-assistant work on more than 70 proprietary algorithms to find you the highest probability, risk-appropriate opportunities arising in day to day market.

With Trade Ideas you get –

  • AI-powered stock scanning 
  • Entry & Exit Signals and Real-time Alerts 
  • Backtesting, Risk Analysis and Performance Tracking 
  • Simulated Trading and Free Trading Room

Trade Idea app can be connected to Interactive Brokers or E*Trade account for automated trading.

But the premium version is priced very high – $84 per month for the Standard plan and $167 per month for the Premium plan. 

Best For – Professional day traders in need of a quick stock screener and advanced charting supported by AI capabilities.

#6. Benzinga Pro – Best Site for Stock Market News, Insights and Research

Benzinga Pro - Best Site for Stock Market News, Insights and Research

Benzinga specializes in providing key headlines and exclusive market-moving stories based on events like M&A deals and drug trial results on publicly traded companies. 

25 million smart investors rely on Benzinga Pro for actionable information on the capital markets. 

Benzinga Pro is supported by a high-speed newswire. 

Newsfeed coverage includes – 

  • SEC filings from companies
  • Earnings Disclosure
  • Unusual Trading/ options activity
  • Analyst rating change 
  • Intraday news about FDA product approvals

Investors can customize the news feeds based on watchlists created within the platform. 

Benzinga Pro plans per month pricing –

  • Free version
  • Basic – $27
  • Essential – $177 and 
  • Premium – $347

Best For – Professional Traders in need of actionable market news and real-time research.

#7. Investing.Com – Best Free Stocks Research & Finance App

Investing.Com - Best Free Stocks Research & Finance App

Investing.com app covers 100,000 financial instruments spread across 70 global exchanges like Dow Jones, NASDAQ, FTSE, CAC, NSE, KOSPI and Bahrain all index. 

Launched by Fusion Media Limited, Investing.com helps in tracking major global indices, FX, stocks, commodities, bonds, F&O including cryptocurrency.

The app gives you quick access to the earnings calendar, market quotes, technical summary, advanced charts and currency converter.

Real-time Economic Calendar attached to the app helps track market events and offers alerts on all 100,000 financial instruments. 

Best For – Tracking a wide range of global financial assets across various exchanges worldwide.  

#8. Worden TC2000 – Best Platform for Stock Technical Analysis and Option Trading

Worden TC2000 - Best Platform for Stock Technical Analysis and Option Trading

Created by TC2000 Software Company, the platform offers – 

  • 140 Indicators with Multiple Chart Layouts
  • Price Alerts and Stock Screening
  • Options Chains and Paper Trading 

Experienced day traders can plot trendlines with a single click, use Fibonacci fans, arcs on the price data and all the indicators on TC2000. 

Other prominent indicators and tools available on TC2000 include RSI, Bollinger Bands, OBV and Andrews Pitchfork.

100,000+ options contracts with in-built tools to scan, screen and narrow down chains by call/put types, number of strikes and time to expiration are available on Worden TC2000.

Tools for options traders – 

  • Use options screener 
  • Create option chains 
  • visually see option positions on the chart
  • built-in option strategies
  • visual option profit and loss zones 

Best for – Intermediate Stock & Options Traders

#9. Stock Master – Best Investing Stocks App

Stock Master: Investing Stocks app

Offered by Astontek Inc, the Stock Master app is designed for a smooth and real-time stock market experience on smartphones. 

But the real-time quotes are for US stocks only. Data feed from other exchanges is delayed.

The free version is packed with advanced interactive charting tools where you can draw trend lines, Fibonacci retracement and Fibonacci fans. 

There are 30+ pattern indicators for advanced trading like fast stochastics, TRIX, Williams %R and Oscillator. 

Free version is ad-supported. 

The premium version does not have ads and offers unlimited watchlist, portfolios, alerts and chart sharing features. The price starts from $2.99 and above depending on the feature. 

Best For – The Stock Master app is best for all – be it novice stock users, chartists, or day traders. 

#10. Webull – Best Stocks Analysis, Options & ETF App by Brokerage

Offered by Webull brokerage, the app combines smart stock analysis, real-time quotes, minimum deposits and zero commission trading. 

50 technical indicators and 12 charting tools help perform advanced charting with ease. 

You can place trades over voice commands by prompts such as “buy”, “sell”, or “search” on the app.

Webull app lets you trade commission-free

  • Zero Commission for Stocks, ETFs, and Options
  • Zero Contract Fees for Options
  • Zero Deposit Minimum for Brokerage and IRAs

Best For – Generation X investors looking to search and trade over voice commands. 

Best Stock Market App For iPhone

#11. Stocks Live App – Best Stock Analysis App for iPhone

Stocks Live App -Best Stock Analysis App for iPhone

Stocks Live app is for self-directed traders with global market coverage. The stock app is priced at $9.99 with pro unlimited access. 

Developed by Cinnamon Mobile LLC, the app has over 140+ news feeds with reliable news sources. 

Stocks Live helps traders to search and track stocks, indexes, mutual funds, ETFs, FX and cryptocurrencies.

TD Ameritrade integration is available with the Stocks Live app for instant trading. 

Other integrations include –  

  • Stocktwits
  • TipRanks Smart Score
  • Evernote

You can create unlimited watch lists, in fact with more than 10,000 stocks per watch list. The app has space for 450+ market activities, scans and user-defined filters. 

The best part is that the app provides Twitter integration to get in touch with fellow traders. You can sync and backup your portfolios and watchlists across all of your devices because the app is iCloud enabled.

Best For – Traders with iPhones looking to create a long watchlist, track global market, Twitter integration and iCloud backup.


Best stock research & analysis apps are for you to boost stock identifying and tracking capabilities. 

Picking one of them will be based purely on your trading needs. 

For self-directed traders like me, the TradingView app is best because it lets me have an in-depth market analysis with 100 in-built studies and access to the global community.

The app occupies 37.8 MB of space and gives access to 8 charts simultaneously with 50 drawing tools. 

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